The Project

Scientific Background

Efficient energy use along with private generation of renewable energy is becoming more and more important as we move towards a post fossil fuel era. IT4SE is based on the insight that technology-supported tools and services can significantly accelerate this process of change. However, research activities are still necessary to develop and evaluate such tools and services. For instance, machine learning techniques can be combined with interactive data visualization tools to make consumers aware of their daily energy consumption patterns, and web-based services can assist people with monitoring and sharing privately generated renewable energy with their neighbours


The IT4SE project aims to lay the foundation for a scientific and technical exchange, as well as future cooperative projects, between Germany and New Zealand in the area of new information technologies that encourage the efficient generation and smart consumption of renewable energy by private users. To achieve this objective, the following activities will be carried out:

Posters and Flyers

The following general project information material is available online: IT4SE banner, IT4SE poster, IT4SE flyer

You can find additional flyer/poster material of our projects on the project information website.

Project Holder

IT4SE is part of the APRA initiative on the establishment of joint research structures between German universities and partners in the Asia Pacific Research Area. As all APRA projects IT4SE is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).